For all the effort that goes into leadership what shall be our reward?  Afterall considering all the things that we sacrifice and do in order to make ...View Details

In Chapter 9 of De Regno, Thomas Aquinas makes a startling discovery.  He speaks about the reward that God is offering for the leader.  And he ends by...View Details

Without a doubt our life as leaders can propose challenges.  And yet, what is its reward?  What are we in this for after all?  And as a Christian lead...View Details

Everybody is tempted sometimes to question the value of leading by virtue.  Afterall, wouldn’t we make more money, be more profitable, find power quic...View Details

When I first began these leadership lessons on De Regno by Aquinas, I never anticipated finding some of the greatest jewels about leadership in the ch...View Details

In today’s world it can be very confusing to figure out exactly what it is we’re supposed to do as leaders.  Many people will have many opinions.  Lea...View Details

We all know that leaders have authority and that that authority has an impact on those that they lead.  But the question is, “How does that leader mak...View Details

The work of St. Thomas Aquinas remains at the center of Catholic tradition.  In his many writings Thomas treats of leadership in many different ways. ...View Details

St. Thomas Aquinas is one of the greatest minds in the history of the world.  He wrote about authority and leadership in many different ways and in ma...View Details

Leaders lead in their own way.  Saints are the same.  Although most of us have preconceptions about Saints, describing them in terms of prayer and pie...View Details

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