In his encyclical letter, Rerum Novarum, Pope Leo XIII makes an astounding claim.  He claims that the involvement of religion in the affairs of the st...View Details

It has been said that human society can be divided into those who have and those who have not.  For many this opposition is the source of a lot of con...View Details

Let’s face it, work is hard, and a lot of people would prefer not to work if they didn’t have to.  What would a world look like where people no longer...View Details

It’s common place to hear people say that things are happening today that have never happened before and that social tensions today are unique.  Howev...View Details

It has been said that success is more difficult to handle than failure.  For those of us striving for success this can be hard to hear.  How can I be ...View Details

The topic of leadership is not always popular among Christians.  In particular because many Christians see leadership as the antithesis to humility.  ...View Details

Living a life according to virtue is difficult for anybody.  But those in roles of leadership are under particular scrutiny by those whom they serve. ...View Details

Whether we are leading a family or a business, all leaders have to do things they don’t want to do.  As soon as we assume the mantle of leadership we ...View Details

If you were to take a poll of famous topics for leadership talks, temperance would not rank in the top ten.  For most people temperance has a negative...View Details

If there’s one thing that organizational leaders share in common it’s the need to know how to advance when no one else does.  Being at the top means b...View Details

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