Fr. Nathan's series on courageous leaders to inspire us during difficult times!  Part 1 discusses the courage of St. Damien of Molokai.

There are many things that make us stop as leaders.  Things that keep us from doing that job that we’re here to do.  One of those biggest things is ou...View Details

I think all of us agree that preaching the Gospel is a good thing.  I think all of us actually understand that that forms the heart of our faith.  But...View Details

It goes without saying that leadership’s greatest problem doesn’t come from outside conditions but rather from working with people.  From ourselves an...View Details

Most people dread conflict.  It’s a simple fact.  In the life of a leader, however, conflict is necessary.  As a matter of fact many leadership organi...View Details

Of all the sayings of Christ, His prohibition against judgement is one that has perplexed many for a long time.  Judging essential for leadership.  It...View Details

For many Christians today, obedience is one of the hardest things to master.  Afterall, what exactly is its value?  Why should we try and inculcate a ...View Details

Christians are called to live the life of Christ on Earth and to continue his saving mission in their businesses, in their families, and in their comm...View Details

Christianity means that we belong to Christ as members of His body and that means that we extend his mission through our own body, our own space, and ...View Details

Serving others is a bit of a paradox.  To some it is an exaggerated title of glory, to others it is the worst of things – being demoted in the eyes of...View Details

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