Sometimes the voice of the Gospel can best be heard by listening to the voices of those who do not profess it.  Such is the case for Saul Alinsky.  In...View Details

The persuasive power of any falsehood lies in its proximity with the truth.  Machiavelli’s, “The Prince”, contains many truths and many statements whi...View Details

Chapter 18 of Machiavelli’s “The Prince” is the most controversial of them all.  You could even say that it represents the heart of his thesis.  Conce...View Details

In his book “The Prince”, Machiavelli makes the claim that it is better for a leader to be feared rather than loved.  He makes the claim that the effi...View Details

Leaders find themselves at the crux between the practical and the ideal.  Between what is expedient and what is best.  How does our faith help us navi...View Details

For many leadership is an act whereby we influence people to do what we need them to do.  This is a very true idea, however, Catholic leadership goes ...View Details

St. Thomas Aquinas is a genius of thought and in this course for Catholic leaders I present a summary course on the four aspects of all human action e...View Details

The story of Wilbur and Oliver Wright has captivated our hearts for more than a century.  In their lives we see an example of innovation being the fir...View Details

By our baptism God calls us to be leaders of our world.  But where does leadership begin?  How can someone who might not customarily be used to leadin...View Details

Leadership can be defined in many ways.  Yet most definitions converge on the same point:  Leadership is influence, nothing more, nothing less.  The i...View Details

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