Pope St. Gregory The Great has an enigmatic phrase at the beginning of Chapter 3 of his second book of his monumental work, “The Rule Of Shepherds.”  ...View Details

Let’s face it , leadership is hard!  As soon as we start to lead we encounter a whole host of sacrifices and challenges that we never had to face befo...View Details

Christian leaders have to do something difficult – we have to constantly balance asserting ourselves and using our talents and being humble before God...View Details

For anyone who has tried it is obvious that leadership is not easy.  Besides skill and opportunity, a leader needs a tremendous amount of steadfastnes...View Details

Does God expect us to lead out of our strengths or out of our weaknesses?  It seems like both are good options.  In the First Letter of St. Paul to St...View Details

St. Paul the Apostle was an incredible leader in his own right.  Before dying he left his legacy in writing both to St. Timothy and to St. Titus.  In ...View Details

Sacred scripture is replete with references to leadership.  And the wisdom of the Saints such as St. Paul can have great impact for the leaders of tod...View Details

Even though written fifteen hundred years ago, Pope St. Gregory The Great’s landmark treatise on the rule of shepherds continues to provide valuable i...View Details

Leaders know that they’re talented.  You know that you have gifts that you are called to share.  But how do you stay humble?  Is it ever okay to refus...View Details

Leadership is a challenge for all of us for many reasons but almost every leader complains of being distracted.  Not being able to focus on what they ...View Details

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