Ask any organizational leader what the hardest part of their job is and they will all say the same thing: managing people.  You cannot win at business...View Details

The one who rules by fear will also fall by fear.  This saying was never so true as in the life of King Saul.  In this fourth and final episode of our...View Details

While seeing how leaders fail is never pleasant, it can also be very instructive.  The rise and the fall of King Saul in the Bible presents us a good ...View Details

Most of us remember the life of King David in the Old Testament but few of us have ever studied the life of King Saul.  Just as the life of King David...View Details

When it comes to leadership, I think you can learn as much from bad leaders as from good ones.  It is certainly the case in the life of King Saul.  Ki...View Details

Anyone who has ever successfully led a project to its completion can readily attest to the fact that leadership is as much of a challenge from the ins...View Details

Every Advent Christians are treated to readings from the Gospel which remind them to stay awake.  In Luke chapter 21 Our Lord says, “Keep on the alert...View Details

There’s an old adage in Christianity that God writes straight with crooked lines.  The same can be said with many on their course to success.  A good ...View Details

We all know how important determination and effort is to succeed at what we do.  After all a large portion of success is determined by our effort to g...View Details

The second book of Pope St. Gregory The Great’s “Rule For Shepherds” comes to a close by tackling one of the thorniest problems in the heart of a lead...View Details

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