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For most people, work is something that is drudgery, not something that we necessarily rejoice in. But for a Christian, work is meaningful. How do I f...View Details

The fact is most of us spend most of our days at work with a forty hour work week and many exceeding even that.  Work takes a place of precedence in o...View Details

The resurrection of Jesus Christ changed the world.  The power of his victory conquered darkness, sin, and death.  And at the same time it summoned al...View Details

All of us in our life will know betrayal.  All of us in life will know disappointment by friends.  The question is what will we do with that?  How can...View Details

Over the past few weeks we’ve been looking at the gospel of St. Mark to see what lessons in leadership can be found there.  Chapter 14, our Lord enter...View Details

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