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In business as in life, success is largely a function of focus.  Knowing what our priorities are allows us to hit them correctly allows us to be succe...View Details

We all know the temptation to glory, power, and fame.  We all know the power of its allure and how desirable it seems to be.  So what’s the downside? ...View Details

Choosing to lead is choosing a kind of solitude, a way of life that few people understand.  Leadership has its own crosses and its own blessings, and ...View Details

For all the effort that goes into leadership what shall be our reward?  Afterall considering all the things that we sacrifice and do in order to make ...View Details

In Chapter 9 of De Regno, Thomas Aquinas makes a startling discovery.  He speaks about the reward that God is offering for the leader.  And he ends by...View Details

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