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Without a doubt the life of St. Paul is one of the best places to study leadership in The New Testament.  Not only is his life an example of leadershi...View Details

Let’s face it, leading other people is always hard.  If we say the wrong thing in the wrong way, we can actually discourage the people we are supposed...View Details

The Bible has a lot to say about talking.  The Letter of St. James, for example, says the tongue is the key to all virtue.  The Lord Himself says that...View Details

As anyone who has ever had to manage people can tell you, jealousy is one of the most dangerous passions to rule in the workplace.  Where people are j...View Details

Anyone who has had to manage any kind of organization – from a business to a family – know that patience is called for.  But how do we build it up?  H...View Details

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